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Starting out


Have you just become self-employed? Let us help you get started!

Did you know that you have to register with HM Revenue and Customs within 6 months of the end of the tax year in which you become self-employed to avoid a £100 fine? Let us help you avoid this and other pitfalls.

We can help you register as self-employed, advise on the best way to keep your books and records, advise as to what expenses you can and cannot claim and answer any other queries that you may have.

Our down to earth and friendly approach will help ease you into the world of self-employment. Contact us now to arrange a free initial consultation.

Limited companies

Are you thinking of running your business through a limited company?

We can arrange for your business to become incorporated with a suitable objects clause to give you as much flexibility as required.

We can also advise on the best way to pay yourself (salary versus dividends), the best book-keeping methods and accounting packages, set up and run your payroll as well answer any other qeuries that you may have.

We also offer a registered office and company secretarial facility if required.

Contact us now to arrange a free initial consultation or visit our Limited Companies section