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Arts and Entertainment

Specialist accountants for arts and entertainment theatre actors artists and creatives

We understand that the last thing that you as a screen/theatre actor, artist or creative want to be spending your time on is your accounts or keeping up to date with tax and accounting legislation. So, over the last 50 years we have developed some quick and easy methods so you can spend your time focussed on more productive areas for you.

Your situation most likely reflects one of the following:


01 imageStarting out
You want to know where to start with your accounts and how your accountant can offer you more than just bookkeeping. You also what to know what you can claim for and how to save as much tax as you can.  So to get things started we can have a free face to face meeting to discuss the options best suited to your situation >>


02 imageEstablished
You've probably been doing your own accounts, and whilst things are going well, you're earning more so the accounts are getting complex and taking more of your time. We can help relieve much of the burden and we often spot further ways in which you can save even more tax and net more of what you earn. Contact us and let us take your accounts burden >>


03 imageSwitching accountants
Maybe your current accountant isn't up to the job or delivering on time, or perhaps they're not pro-active and aren't helping you develop and grow your business. Are they simply turning around your basic accounts with little additional value to you? It’s very easy to switch accountants, so if you would like to see how we can help you, get in touch >>


With offices in West End London, and central Brighton we are able to offer accountancy services to two of the largest areas of the creative and entertainment industry within the UK.